Extended Sapele Mahogany Swim Platform

This customer had a Swim Platform that was damaged in an accident. Our first step was to remove the old platform, and bring it to the wood shop for fitting. Once set on our work bench we blocked off the transom curve, and laidf out the rest of the shape on the workbench.

Old damaged swim platform for fitting
Damaged platform in for replacement

Our first stop was our local lumber yard for a big stack of some fresh mahogany. Once we determined dimensions a 12 foot long board was ready to be ripped through the table saw.

Fresh Sapele Mahogany from the yard ready to be cut.
Fresh Sapele Mahogany in from our neighbors at the local lumber yard.

It took 30 runs through the table saw, but we got all of the slats ripped down to 3/4 inch square. Now that we had all the boards ready, it’s time to start blocking off and fitting. Mark is pictured here organizing the boards.

Sapele Mahogany slats set for extended swim platform
Mark organizes freshly cut sapele mahogany slats for fitting the new platform.
Sapele Mahogany swim platform supports
Festool Domino joinery with mahogany dominoes ensures a strong foundation.

We angle cut 2 10″ wide boards and glued them together to support the swim platform at the port and starboard sides. Festool Domino joinery, with mahogany dominoes bonded together with West System G Flex epoxy ensures a strong foundation.

Angle cut sapele mahogany boards for swim platform support
Angle cut boards fitted and glued for use as base support.

Having all of our support boards cut, glued, and placed; along with our slats ready we were moving forward with a test assembly.

Support boards set for sapele mahogany swim platform
Support boards squared and secured to our work bench, lining up with preset placement blocks.

With our supports in place, we started setting in the slats. The mahogany slats are temporarily held by wooden blocks at the side and separated by smaller Mahogany blocks which would cover the lower support boards. The complete platform was test built right-side-up to check for good fit between the pieces.

Side blocks to hold mahogany supports and slats.
Side blocks set to hold slats.

After we got everything measured and flush, it was time to take everything apart and start building it upside down. We placed all our slats and cut out a trap door hole for the swim ladder.

Mahogany slats set in place and secured
Mahogany slats cut to length and spaced.

What is not pictured here is the time between placing the supports, and the first coat of epoxy. Before we could start coating our swim platform we had to line up, mark, drill, and screw over 300 holes in order to make sure the swim platform was secured at all points.

Epoxy and varnish coated sapele mahogany swim platform
Epoxy coated swim platform finished with varnish per customer request

Finally, we had to build a perfectly fitting trap door style hatch for the existing swim ladder. Here we are applying a coat of epoxy to seal the trap door from the elements.

Mahogany trap door for swim platform
Epoxy coating sapele mahogany trap door for extended swim platform.
Installed swim platform & matching ladder rungs on chibah.
New Mahogany ladder rungs to compliment the sapele swim deck.

The finished product! At the request of the customer we built their Regal ‘Chibah’ a new set of matching mahogany ladder rungs to compliment the Sapele deck. The trap door is in place, and the extended swim platform is ready for entertaining. The added foot of length is beautiful and functional.

Regal Boat 'Chibah' sporting a custom & extended sapele mahogany swim deck
Regal ‘Chibah’ sporting the finished and installed extended sapele mahogany swim platform & ladder rungs.

We want to thank Jahn for having us build him this beautiful swim platform. We had a ton of fun getting covered in sawdust for this one.

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